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Information for decoration set-up and tear-down volunteers

Decoration set-up six-eight volunteers 8:00am - 12:00pm, prior to the 1:00pm show.

Decoration tear-down six-eight volunteers 5:45pm - 6:30pm, after the 4:00pm show.

Thank you again for your service!

Decoration set-up volunteer orientation

When:  Sunday December 14th 8:00am

Where:  Everett Civic Auditorium lobby (near Colby Ave.)

Decoration tear-down volunteer orientation

When:  Sunday December 14th 5:45pm

Where:  Everett Civic Auditorium lobby (near Colby Ave.)

In the Auditorium:

Our decorations will include 35-40 poinsettias that will line the front of the stage.

100 ft. of garland, ribbon & lights that will hang off the front of the stage.

Wreaths that will be hanging from the backdrop walls on the stage.

Ribbon on the five (5) handrails just inside the auditorium off the lobby.

In the Lobby:

Our decorations will include three (3) Christmas trees with attached lights (do not try to take the lights off as they are built into the trees).

Faux wrapped présents, black & gray tree skirts, ornaments on the trees (that will need to be removed).

Posters covering the two display cases & the plexiglass incased art.

Directional signs hanging by all doors entering the auditorium as well as doors leading up and downstairs.

Ribbon on the railings leading to the balcony seats.​


We only have from 8am - 12:45pm to set up so in order for the set up to run efficiently and everything to get done it would be ideal that folks are there as early as possible.   

STAGE SET-UP  - two volunteers: hanging the garland, lights & ribbon on the front of the stage.  Hanging the wreaths from the back drop & placing the poinsettias on the front of the stage. Jennifer will have the wreaths & wire to hang the wreaths and Jenny E. will supply the poinsettias, garland, lights, ribbon and removal hanging hooks.

RIBBON ON ALL RAILS / five (5) RAILS INSIDE AUDITORIUM & two (2) RAILS IN LOBBY, HEADING TO BALCONY SEATS - two volunteers: hanging large red swags with silver bows (and possibly some greenery) on all rails.  The swags, bows and twine to attach to the rails.

CHRISTMAS TREE DISPLAY & DECORATINGtwo volunteers: "fluffing" the branches out of all trees, decorating the large tree only with ornaments & setting up the display presents.  Jennifer T and Jenny E. will be providing the "faux" presents and Jenny E. will be providing the trees, tree skirts & ornaments.  Ann S. will be providing the single red crane to be placed on the decorated tree. 

TROPHY CASE & WALL ART & SIGNAGE: one volunteer:  will be setting up these displays and will also be floating to everyone else's station to assist if need be.

Tear Down

We need to be OUT of the auditorium by 7pm so just as soon as the show is over we will need to start hustling.

STAGE TAKE DOWNthree-four volunteers : Dispose of garland, pack Christmas lights & ribbon back in Kamiak (purple) tubs that will be placed by stage after the 4pm show, relocate remaining poinsettias to "refreshment" room and remove wreaths from stage backdrop and set aside in refreshment room.

RIBBON ON RAILSthree-four volunteers. : Remove all ribbon from rails and place in storage tub marked "ribbon" that will be placed in the lobby (by Christmas Tree display) after the show.

The ribbon will be attached by twine so scissors will be necessary.  Scissors will be available in the storage tub marked "ribbon" that will be placed in the lobby (by Christmas Tree display) after the show.  It would be helpful if this group could also bring their own scissors.

CHRISTMAS TREE TAKE-DOWNtwo-three volunteers: Remove and re-pack ornaments in their original boxes (boxes will be placed in lobby by tree display following the last performance).  Move trees to Concessions for pick-up.


One volunteer: Remove wall art in lobby & dispose of.  Remove faux presents (leave red violin in lobby) & dispose of.  The dumpster is located behind the Civic Auditorium (out doors off Concessions).

Remove all posted signs and place in box marked "ribbons" that will be in the lobby after the last show.

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