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Information for volunteer ushers

Ushers assist guests to their assigned seats, direct patrons to restrooms & concessions and are a source of information for information about the performance.

Thank you again for your service!

The Everett Civic Auditorium is quite large with several doors and a seating system that needs to be understood so that ushers can help peopel to find which door to enter and where to find their seat.  Also, ushers must know the location of emergency exits and procedures.  These aspects and more will be covered during orientation Sunday morning before the event.

Sixteen volunteers are needed for each show.

Usher orientation

When:  Sunday December 14th 10:30am - 11:30am (for both shows)

Where:  Everett Civic Auditorium volunteer's green room


  1. Usher responsibilities
    Civic-High Level
  2. Facility tour
  3. Seating arrangements
  4. Usher position assignments
  5. Emergency procedures


Check-in with Rich in the lobby thirty (30) minutes before your show.

What to bring:

  1. Small flashlight (check for new batteries) to help people find their seats
  2. Comfortable shoes
  3. Water bottle

What to wear:

  1. Dark pants or skirt
  2. White blouse / shirt

A common dress code helps attendees more easily identify an usher.  Badges on lanyards will be provided.

Seating charts and maps:

File:Civic-Seating Chart.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Where is the volunteer's green room?

A - Backstage (stage left), enter the auditorium either through the lobby or the South side entrance.

Q - Do ushers need to purchase a ticket to the show?

A - As an usher, you may or may not available to watch the concert, especially those on lobby duty during the performance.  As all of the seats are reserved, if you wish to have a seat and watch the show, it is best to purchase a ticket for the show you are not ushering.

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